Corgis! is a PG webcomic about a group of high school friends navigating the usual highs and lows of being sentient humanoid Welsh Corgis.


About Corgis!

The Idea

If you've seen a real-life corgi before, you know that the characters in Corgis! look very different. So how did they come about?

Well, when I first started drawing cartoon corgis, I drew them on four legs like anybody else, but I was stumped when they couldn't do human activities without human bodies. So, I put them up on two legs and gave them clothes, hair, and the very vague ability to grasp objects without fingers? In terms of story, however, it's clear that the Corgis are living in a world modeled closely after our own. That's because, believe it or not, Corgis! is actually a post-apocalyptic comic . . .

The cover illustration of Charles Dogwin's highly controversial book

(The cover illustration of Charles Dogwin's highly controversial book "The Origin of Corgies")

The Dawn of the Corgi World:

It is the apex of human civilization, but all is not well. All the major superpowers are at each other's throats, and every country on Earth is armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons. Then, one seemingly insignificant disagreement leads the first shots to be fired, and within a matter of days, the entire world is consumed in a nuclear Armageddon. Even those few who survive are quickly killed off by the uncontrollable amounts of nuclear waste that contaminate all water on the planet's surface. It seems that the age of Earth is over.

But deep in a bunker under Buckingham palace, the Queen and her corgis rely on the most sophisticated water filtration system the monarchy could afford. After generations of gradual exposure to the slight nuclear residue that leaks into the water, the corgis build up a tolerance, and soon they are the only creatures left on Earth capable of surviving outside of the bunker. Left to repopulate the ruins of human civilization alone, the corgis begin to take on the qualities of their human predecessors, not only in behavior, but appearance as well. The fully evolved Corgis are entirely unrecognizable from their primitive ancestors, using tools, wearing clothes, walking on two legs . . . and speaking human languages.

And in case you didn't think this children's cartoon about dogs was dark enough, yes, they even have a religion centered around the faint and elusive memory of the enigmatic being who gave rise to the entire Corgi civilization: Owner.

The Author

Corgis! is written by Chris DiMeo, a university student from Kentucky, U.S.A. She has one enormously fat corgi of her own named Artie, who was the inspiration for her Corgi characters. She is currently studying Journalism and makes comics on the side.