Corgis! is a PG webcomic about a group of high school friends navigating the usual highs and lows of being sentient humanoid Welsh Corgis.

Corgis! Cast


Main Cast:

Corgis! follows the adventures of four teenage Corgis: Faddice, Addisol, Emmark, and Joel.

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Faddice Oztoprak

Faddice Oztoprak

Faddice is the brains of the group. Having just moved to the West Corgis Republic from another country, she's getting more than a bit tired of being "the foreigner," but that doesn't mean she's going to try to blend in.

She has a tendency to be scathingly sarcastic and a feisty side that may or may not derive from overcompensation for her small size, making her short, but not so sweet. However, she is incredibly smart and a hard-working student; or, as other high schoolers would call her, a huge nerd.

Addisol Richards

Addisol Richards

Addisol is one of the most popular Corgis at Pembroke High.

She pretty and perky, though if you get on her bad side, she will more than likely come after you with the fury of a thousand wrathful armies. Addisol loves fashion, music, and anything sparkly, and she always steps up as the leader when she's in a group.

She and Joel have been friends since they were little puppies, so they can usually be seen together.

Emmark Park

Emmark Park

When people say "lucky dog"...they are most definitely not referring to Emmark.

Due to some ambiguous curse on his ancestors or the wrath of the gods or something, Emmark has had uncannily terrible luck his whole life.

However, when he discovers his "lucky hat" in a river one day, things begin to turn around. Anytime he wears the hat, his bad luck disappears, and a little good luck even starts coming his way.

Now whenever something goes terribly wrong...well, that's on him.

Joel Star

Joel Star

Joel has been described by many a reliable, adult source as..."special". Others have used words such as "juvenile," "idealistic," and "completely oblivious to the world around him".

The point is, Joel is unwaveringly positive and bubbly, sometimes (often) to a dangerous level.

However, he has a big heart and makes a good friend and listener, which is why he and Addisol have been friends since elementary school.

Usually he can be found blindly following Addisol while carrying his favorite slushie cup, Cupton Sinclair.

Supporting Characters:

The friends, family, and sometimes enemies of the main gang.

Priscilla and Chamomile

These two girls are Addisol's posse. They love clothes and shoes and purses and makeup and all of the things!

And to those that say Priscilla and Chamomile have nothing but empty space in between their ears, that's not true. They have lots of adorable makeup!


Francine is the most popular Corgi at Pembroke High and Addisol's arch nemesis. She also has a super-rich family, eight consecutive Miss Pembroke pageant wins, and the adoration/terrified obedience of all of her classmates.

She's also, like, evil and stuff? Just in case you wanted to know.